At Castlepollard Community College, we believe in nourishing an education which promotes the well rounded, 21st Century student. Through cross-curricular activities, focus on academic achievement and the promotion of extra-curricular fulfilment our students are educated with the learning, literacy and life skills at the heart of modern education. Our focus is to provide students with an educational structure which encourages collaboration, creative initiative and critical thinking. These skills and focuses, which are central to the teaching methods of our staff, form the core elements of 21st century learning. Here at Castlepollard Community College, we feel strongly that our students are sufficiently prepared to address the range of interpersonal, creative and technologically centred skills at the heart of the modern Irish educational system. The college’s focus on IT as an access point to these skills for all students, along with the endless creative possibilities enhanced by the use of IT allows our students to approach their lessons, their work and their learning with the key skills necessary for an education that will last a lifetime.