Castlepollard Community College benefits immensely because of our geographical location and DEIS status. We are surrounded by beautiful countryside which means our students can enjoy being educated on a large green site whilst being able to take in the scenery during break times and extracurricular activities. Our students remain on site for the day and can avail of free breakfast and free lunch throughout their time at school.

In addition to this our school has developed an action plan focusing on the areas below to ensure that every child and young person receives an equal chance to access, participate in and benefit from education

  • Attendance and Retention
  • Transitions and Attainment
  • Numeracy and Literacy
  • Partnership with Parents and Partnership with the community

Our action plan also benefits from an integrated School Support Programme (SSP) that brings together and builds upon existing interventions such as Literacy and Numeracy Schemes and the Junior Cert Schools Programme (JCSP).

We also receive an additional allocation of teaching hours which results in smaller class sizes, along with specific additional funding by way of a DEIS grant and a book grant. Each DEIS school also receives support from a home-school-community liaison coordinator and from the School Completion Programme.