Important Information

We are incredibly proud of our students and their achievements to date. To ensure the school continues to thrive, all students play an integral role in protecting the reputation of the school and developing our distinct ethos even further. Our ambitious students continually develop our core values of Care, Respect, Community, Equality and Excellence throughout all aspects of school life and apply themselves to the best of their ability at all times.

In order to maintain the high standards at the school, students are expected to:

  • arrive at school on time in preparation for first class
  • refrain from eating and drinking in class
  • co-operate and respect teachers and all staff
  • show respect for school property and keep the school litter free
  • wear full uniform at all times
  • remain on the school premises for the duration of the school day
  • have their School Journal with them in all classes
  • have all necessary books/iPad and equipment with them for each class
  • complete all assigned homework
  • comply with all school systems and procedures
  • show courtesy towards teachers & visitors in the corridors and throughout the school (e.g. holding doors open)

Students are forbidden from:

  • smoking on school grounds or in the vicinity of the school
  • consuming or having in their possession any illegal substance or product (e.g. fireworks) on school grounds or in the vicinity of the school
  • consuming or having in their possession any substance or product which may be perceived as a substitute for an illegal substance or product
  • undertaking any activity which endangers the life of themselves or any of their fellow students, teachers or staff
  • using the camera facility on their phone except when authorised by a teacher to do so
  • chewing gum

Bullying is not tolerated at our school and anyone found to have been behaving in an inappropriate manner will be sanctioned in line with our Code of Behaviour and Anti-Bullying procedures.