Junior Certificate School Programme

The JCSP programme offers schools and teachers a more flexible approach than a traditional subject-based curriculum.

JCSP has at its core a profiling system which consists of a series of statements, each of which is a general description of a particular area of knowledge or skill. In other words, a statement affirms that a student knows, understands or can do something. Statements may be subject-specific or cross-curricular in nature.

Each student in the programme receives a JCSP profile of achievement at the end of Junior Cycle. This profile folder contains a list of the learning targets and statements they have completed over the three year programme.

Student progress is reviewed through discussion between the teacher and the student. Regular reviewing ensures that the programme continues to meet the identified needs of its students. Towards the end of the year, the review is documented and this informs the planning for the succeeding year.

Other information that is useful in reviewing the programme are examination results, attendance figures and the number of students who progress to and engage with senior cycle education.

Students also participate in a number of school initiatives as part of the JCSP Programme, they include:

Drop Everything and Read

Study Skills Seminar

Field Trips




Modern Languages

Digital Storytelling