School Organisation

The systems and procedures at the school are carefully aligned to ensure the maximum amount of productivity in addition to providing clear lines of communication within a supportive environment. Our ethos shapes everything we do as a school, and we pride ourselves on developing students who will go on to make positive impact on the world. We review all systems and procedures annually to ensure we make any necessary improvements to provide a better education for all.

All students belong to a tutor group who take part in a series of inter-tutor activities throughout the year. Each tutor group has two representatives who champion the voice of their tutor group and support their Year Council to function effectively. Every Year group has a Year Council and their work links directly to the School Council who will consider, collaborate, and reflect upon the feedback that has been provided to them by their peers in order to make decisions. The Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl also form part of the School Council.

The rationale behind this structured tiered system is to ensure that all key matters have allowed everyone’s voice to be heard and then for the feedback to be streamlined at each level of the student voice structure. It also provides further leadership opportunities for students.

Student Voice is always integral to policy change and our Student Leadership Teams have been involved in policy creation, initiatives to promote mental health and well-being and also our approach to Teaching and Learning.

A programme of events and activities is provided for all students including sports competitions, debates, cooking, art and many others. The tutor system also ties into the school calendar and provides activities relating to certain weeks, such as ‘Mental Health week’.