School Self-Evaluation

School Self-Evaluation (SSE) was initiated by the Department of Education and Skills in 2012 as a ‘collaborative, reflective process of internal school review’ by which schools look at their work and select areas on which to concentrate improvement efforts. Castlepollard Community College has engaged in SSE from its inception, and our past concentrations have included numeracy, literacy, learning intentions and success criteria and homework.

The current focus for SSE is on developing our distinct ethos even further, which involves us focusing on our five core values of Care, Respect, Community, Equality and Excellence within our multidenominational school. We are going to use the SSE process to evaluate how effectively we implement and live our ethos and identify any required improvements in this regard.

Along with 19 other ETB schools across Ireland we will pilot the Ethos SSE guidelines and tools over the 2021/22 school year. Before May 2022 we expect to have implemented a full SSE cycle on our Ethos. We survey our progress regularly, drawing on responses from stakeholders and reporting to the Board of Management as part of our School Improvement Plan.

In addition, we are looking at developing our Quality of Education even further through an enhanced focus on Teaching and Learning during this SSE cycle.

Castlepollard Community College is committed to the development of SSE as a useful tool to improve practice and provide our students with an authentic, meaningful learning experience.

I would like to thank parents for their support in this vital initiative and their continued interest in our work.