School Uniforms

The full uniform must be worn at all times as it is an important part of the school culture and ethos.

Full uniform is expected to be worn to and from school, in school and on official school occasions.

  • Navy Jumper with School Crest
  • Grey Shirt
  • Navy Trousers or Skirt
  • Black or Navy Socks
  • Black Shoes

If it is necessary to wear a tee-shirt under a shirt, the only colour permitted is white. Football jerseys of any colour are not allowed to be worn under shirts. Students who do not wear the correct uniform may be refused entry to class.

Jackets may not be worn in class.

School dress should be smart and practical for day wear. Extremes of fashion in skirt style or length or in trouser style or length, or in shoes, ornate buckles, belts, hair ribbons or other accessories are not suitable. In the event that students do not present themselves in correct uniform, a reserve supply of attire & footwear will be provided, and students are obliged to wear same without prejudice.

PE Uniform

Boys & Girls:

  • O’Neills T-Shirt
  • O’Neills 1/2 zip top
  • Navy Tracksuit bottoms

The school reserves the right to instruct students to remove excessive jewellery. One pair of small earrings in the earlobe only is acceptable. Any other visible facial jewellery or body art is not permitted.

Minimal make-up is accepted at the discretion of school management. Extreme dye(s)/hairstyles are only permitted for fundraising with prior permission e.g. Shave or Dye

We regret that we cannot accept responsibility for personal property, including clothing and jewellery, in school, apart from valuables which are handed to a teacher for safe keeping during Games/PE sessions.